is a boutique Audio Workshop located near the Lake Joondalup in the Northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, specialising in CD player, DAC and pre-amplifire repairs.

Although we do service equipment for some customers, we prefer to buy your faulty gear outright. Then we repair it and recondition both its internals and exterior before offering it here and on eBay for sale.
That way, we do not have to spin stories about hard to find parts, laser replacements (lasers hardly ever fail) and all the rest of it, just to inflate the cost of parts and minimise the cost of labour - which although is very reasonable in our case - is always the major factor in any repair establishment's total invoice price.

However, if you do not want to sell your gear and think that your piece of equipment is worth restoring (and no one else will), 
please Contact Us and we will service it
if it is really outstanding:

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