I try to be competitive with Worldwide pricing, however on occasion you will find my prices higher than those in your country, particularly if you are from USA or Canada (which have probably the lowest prices). Please bear in mind, that what you are getting from me is a fully serviced, fully functioning unit, whereas a lot of equipment offered for sale is not, even when it is claiming to be. In fact, when people say: "selling due to upgrade", this upgrade was often prompted but first signs of failure or malfunction. Or the case - like people say - a CD player being fussy or choosy which discs it will play (which of course is a sign of misalignment). My players play any CD or CD-R unless specifically stated (some early ones use circuit design which precludes them from playing
burned discs which have lower reflectivity). Sometimes also, there is a player like Cambridge Audio CD-4, an excellent player designed by John Westlake from Pink Triangle. It sells for between $50 and $200, and I offer it for $299. Having bought it and then having spent 3 hours on it, it would be pointless to offer it for $100 and there surely will be someone out there who will invest an extra $100 or $150 for the knowledge, that it is fully serviced and checked for any imminent problems, has no leaky capacitors and will play any CD or CD-R thrown at it.